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  • Názov Značky: LURE
  • Položka Druh: Análny Sex Hračky
  • Materiál: Silikónové
  • Nemravný Obrázok: No
  • So Sexuálnym Podtextom: No


Ilyaagukbapopi | 2021-01-08

Super fast delivery took only 7 days. The material is a bit soft so penetration is not easy. My order was 5.5cm so the trick is to lie down, spread your leg and insert bit by bit by pushing at the bottom and once inside it will not fall off. Go for 5.5cm it has a good girth that can give you an instant erection and continuous erotic feeling! Excellent product once you master the art to insert it. I'm tempted to go for the 6.5cm next order!

5 / 5

Emkute Nd981 | 2020-11-21

So there, I have to admit that I am 100% conquered! Congratulations! -Really fast reception! I thought I should wait another 3 good weeks. -Very discreet packaging: no annoying precision on the label. We do not guess the contents thanks to the cardboard under the usual plastic. -Extremely faithful to the photos: flexible, warm... -Simply difficult to introduce, not because of its size but its flexibility! I wear it on me to give you my opinion, and I smile with bliss. -So comfortable to keep in itself! Remarkable! I made myself a new friend! I do not know if I will want to move to a higher size because I will be happy to wear it for long hours, but if I have to recommend one, it will necessarily be on LIFELURE blind. Thank you +++!

5 / 5

Eclllagitannin 45 | 2021-01-20

One more have the xl L and Now the M still hours of games

5 / 5

Ziatdinovnail | 2020-12-24

Very good quality goods. The feeling is bright!!! Keeps well. Best recommendations. Good luck to seller!

5 / 5

Aisulushka S | 2020-11-21

Base is most comfortable for long time wear, but too big for discreet use. It's my 3th plug of this firm, and i want more plugs and bigger size of this plug(with smaller base).

5 / 5

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